Media Coverage

Faith Okrafo- Smart receives National Special Recognition Award


Melqosh paints the world PURPLE with its Colour Purple International week


Ebola’s effect on Amputees in Sierra Leone


We go MAINSTREAM TV with our Colour Purple International Month Campaign


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Colour Purple International receives media coverage


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Melqosh Mission International’s Founder receives Honorary Humanitarian Award at BEFFTA AWARDS 


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Alim Kamara at Melqosh’s Intimate Black History Month Ball


Melqosh Rebrands Sierra Leone


Melqosh;s Founder Wins an Award



Pauline Long honours Melqosh in Fundraising Dinner


Melqosh’s Founder is honoured as a trailblazer


Fashion designer showcases at Melqosh Mission’s Fundraiser


Mount Aureol donates 20ft shipping facility to Melqosh


Pauline’s Birthday Fundraiser in aid of Melqosh’s Amputees


Britain Got Talent’s Confident Queen supports Melqosh Mission International